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  • Royal Island Company is an enterprise engaged in investment, hotel accommodation services, serviced apartments, premium office spaces, and exclusive distribution of Japanese cosmetics and industrial equipment.

    In Vietnam, tourism is considered as one of 3 key economic sectors that the State focuses on infrastructure investment, constantly developing and contributing greatly to the country’s economy. Taking advantage of that, Royal Island Hotel Limited Company has been focusing on investing, developing and trading in a chain of hotels, spas, healthcare systems, and a variety of tourism products to meet the diverse needs of relaxation and entertainment of visitors of many different ages.
    The opening is the boutique hotels branded Hotel & Onsen Spa with outstanding and highly artistic design and decoration style accompanied by a system of luxurious, unique, characteristic utility services and also a competitive advantage of each hotel. It is expected that in the following years, the Company will continue to expand investment and develop high-class hotels and spas in famous tourist destinations of Vietnam such as Da Lat, Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Sapa, Da Nang, Hue … and Spa & Wellness Comprehensive Healthcare Complex in Ho Chi Minh City.

    With the motto “Sustainable development through dedication,” our company is committed to providing high-quality products and services as a token of gratitude to our valued customers.

  • To valued customers, partners,

    The Japanese have the famous proverb “Ichigo Ichie” – “Once-in-a-lifetime chance”, roughly understood that for human, every encounter is a moment worth cherishing, because it will never come back again. Therefore, we always consider the connection with each customer and partner not only as a chance meeting but also an honor and also an opportunity for us to show our dedication and sincerity with all our heart.

    This is first of all reflected in carefully invested products and services from design, construction, interior decoration, service utilities, environment to hotel, spa staff… It is a combination of many factors to create memorable moments in the hearts of customers and partners when choosing our products and services.

    One of the distinct highlights that makes a very unique impression of Royal Island Company is that most of the Company’s products and services are associated with health care goal.

    As we all know, the concept of “Health in Tourism” has been conceived in recent years and grown increasingly stronger. Besides physical health, psychological, mental and emotional health are also becoming top concerns. Therefore, we believe that the motto of investing and exploiting “Resort tourism combined with body care and spa therapy” that we are implementing is the right step not only for the present but also the long-term development direction of the hotel service business in the future.

    Especially, if in the hotel industry, proximity is defined as professional care and attentive service, this is also our pride in personalizing service, focusing on customers in accordance with  the Japanese spirit of Omotenashi.  This is also one of the factors that help us create excellent services as evaluated by customers and are the key to unlock the success we have today.

    Bring health and happiness with professional products and services, give each other good things and cherish every moment of meeting… is what we want to send with all the heart, sincerity and dedication of the dedicated members at Royal Island Company and hope to receive the trust of all customers.

    Best regards!

Ms. Vo Vu Uyen Duyen
Becoming a strong and reputable enterprise, with a portfolio of trusted lodging, resort, and healthcare brands that provide genuine value, earn customer trust, and stand as the top choice in Vietnam.
  • Bringing Happiness to Customers, Sustainable Value to the Community

    Creating comfortable and well-equipped leisure spaces; Providing high-quality, effective healthcare services; Ensuring utmost customer satisfaction; Delivering sustainable value to the community and the environment.

Core Values
  • Professional

    Working with a plan, on schedule, and with quality.

  • Reputation

    Speak the truth and act honestly.

  • Dedication

    To be dedicated and committed.

  • Creativity

    Constantly coming up with new ideas with high applicability.

Core Values
Business philosophy

We are dedicated to bringing the value of health and happiness through our professional products and services. Our business philosophy revolves around sharing goodness and cherishing every moment of connection. With the whole hearted dedication and sincerity of our team at Royal Island Company, we strive to build a meaningful and fulfilling experience for our guests.

Business philosophy
  • Passion
    Working with love and enthusiasm to achieve the best results.
  • Innovation

    Finding ways to optimize solutions for positive change.
  • Self-discipline
    Valuing responsibility and earnestly adhering to rules and regulations.
  • Unity

    Working together, united towards a common goal.
  • Humanity

    Prioritising the human element, always caring, understanding, and sharing.
The working environment is full of positive energy to give employees excitement and motivation to promote their full potential for work.
Equal career advancement opportunities for everyone.
  • Policy of remuneration
    Salary policy always ensures competition in the market.
  • Bonus policy
    The reward mechanism is built based on a public and transparent evaluation system, ensuring the maximum promotion of capacity and recognition of each employee's contribution.
  • Welfare policy
    The company builds and updates the best and most competitive welfare regimes in the market, employees enjoy the regimes and policies that are paid equal to or higher than the requirements of the Vietnam Labor Law.
  • Training
    Opportunities to develop professional capacity and leadership skills through quality training programs conducted by the Company in conjunction with reputable educational institutions in Vietnam or external training programs organized by the Company. The company facilitates and encourages participation.
Human Resources
Work environment
Career advancement opportunity
Human resources and preferential treatment policies