Royal Island Hotel offers an enchanting escape where health and enjoyment coexist harmoniously. Experience wellness-focused amenities alongside exciting adventures and tranquil relaxation, all set against the backdrop of our stunning island paradise. Your ultimate getaway begins here.
Hotel & Onsen Spa


This is a resort hotel model in the style of a Japanese ryokan, a blend of tradition and modernity, where guests can rest and relax in a peaceful, meditative space. With the criterion of “Supporting health and bringing the best relaxation”, the hotels are designed and invested in a synchronous manner between traditional Japanese architecture and diverse and modern facilities, bringing a unique experience for visitors.


Discover Tranquility and Luxury at Hotel & Onsen Spa Da Lat

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Smart Urban Hotel

To meet the short-term accommodation needs of our customers in bustling urban locations, where the pace of life is fast and demands quick and convenient solutions, we introduce the Smart Business Hotel. Designed to cater to both the rapid city lifestyle and the requirements of busy business travelers.