LUMIXIA Radiant Skin from Within

LUMIXIA, a premium skincare product from Japan

LUMIXIA, a premium skincare product from Japan, is a unique and innovative line created with a mission to awaken the skin’s natural vitality. With key ingredients derived from fruits and botanicals, LUMIXIA brings natural freshness to your skin.


100% Natural Ingredients – Simple & Safe Routine Skincare

One of LUMIXIA’s standout features is its use of over 10 active ingredients that harness the skin’s natural vitality. These ingredients are carefully refined and combined to provide optimal skin care.

The foundation of LUMIXIA contains fruit water from apples and Yuzu citrus, hydrating the skin and creating the perfect base for the active ingredients to work. Fruit water not only keeps the skin soft but also provides essential nutrients.

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Stem Cells from Plants: Japanese Know-How for Everlasting Beauty

The high activity level of LUMIXIA is the secret behind youthful and radiant skin. LUMIXIA enhances the activity of plant-derived stem cells such as pea and Roman chamomile, aiding in cell renewal and preventing the aging process. Particularly, the product stimulates the ‘autophagy’ process, self-cell cleaning, removing dirt and dead cells, leaving the skin brighter.

LUMIXIA also cultivates stem cells from various precious plants such as grapes, strawberries, argan kernels, calendula, Japanese camellia, blueberry, and rose. This ensures that your skin receives optimal nourishment and regeneration from these precious natural resources.


LUMIXIA is not just a skincare product but also an optimal experience to rejuvenate the skin and bring out its natural beauty and youthfulness.