Introducing the Microscopic Air Bubble Generator

1. Principle of Creating Water with Increased Pressure.

❖Illustration (Advantages of turbine vortex)

Turbine vortex

❖ Compare KTM Machine and Centrifugal Pump.

2. Micro Bubble Generator

❖ This is a device that creates fine foam by pressure dissolution method

Image of Micro Bubble Generator (MBG)
Fine foaming state

❖ Hot Tub

The turbine vortex creates a pool to promote water dissolution by increasing the water-air contact efficiency of the gas-liquid mixture.

* It is installed between the turbine vortex shaft and the gas-liquid separation tank

❖ Separation Tank

Even though it goes through the dissolution tank and turbine shaft, the air separation efficiency is still good so it does not dissolve and separates the waste here.

3. Advantages and Differences Compared to Air Compressors

Compress air normal
Compress air NIKUNI

4. Three Points to Check and Confirm When Operating the Machine

① Has the flow pressure increased?

② Can air be passed in?

③ Does water escape from the gas-liquid separation tank?

5. Consumable Replacement Parts

NIKUNI Turbo mixer

051 メカニカルシール Mechanical labels

021 ベアリング Bearings

023 オイルシール Oil type

081 水切ゴム Drainage rubber

123 Oリング Machine shaft inner ring O

   カップリングゴム など

Rubber rings in machine shafts, etc.

Karyu Turbo Mixer

Applications of Microscopic Bubbles

1. Wastewater treatment – Treated by increasing pressure to float to the water surface

❖ Very small solids suspended in water are thickened using a thickener and recovered thanks to the force of very small air bubbles generated in the water.

❖ Separating oils floating on water surface such as wastewater in food factories, kitchen wastewater…etc

❖ Diameter of microscopic bubble

▶︎ Measurement conditions
Measure the number of bubbles generated in the glass tube using an optical microscope (magnification: 200 times).
Observation object: About 0.2mm3
Injection pressure during measurement: 0.4MPa

Applications of Microscopic Bubbles

2. Ozone Disinfection – Oxygen Enrichment.

Oyster Culture Farm
Oyster Culture Farm
Disinfection with ozone microscopic bubbles.
Disinfection with ozone microscopic bubbles.
Vegies with Oxy Supplement
Vegies with Oxy Supplement