White Ion Bath

1. Introduction

Nikuni’s Ion Whitening Bath, the bathtub is filled with microscopic bubbles that allow you to enjoy and relax in a beautiful milky white bath. White Ion Bath is fondly called by customers with names such as “silk bath”, “smooth white bath”, “micro bubble bath”.

2. Relaxation Effect

You can enjoy a relaxing time soaking in the milky white water, creating a beautiful effect for the entire space, in addition, “ultrasound waves” are created when microscopic bubbles are broken into. broken and also has a massage effect for the whole body.


3. Moisturizing Effect

Ultra-fine bubbles (tiny bubbles) about 20 microns in size enter the pores and lift away dirt, while also having a “moisturizing effect on your skin.”

4. Attract Customer Attention

A bathtub filled with milky white bubbles creates a beautiful appearance, a luxurious feel and enhances customer satisfaction.

5. Low Operating Costs

Because it is made using only air and water, without the use of chemicals or additives, operating costs are reduced. Furthermore, always ensure hygiene without damaging the piping equipment and chemicals to help prolong the life of the equipment.

6. Dense White Bubbles Like Silk.

Experience smooth and relaxing bathing with microscopic bubbles by applying special bubble mixing technology, which is highly appreciated in the industry.

7. Water Surface Image

Ideal spot for entertainment facilities

Images can be projected onto the water surface using a projector.

8. Benefits for Investors

The special bubble mixing technique is achieved using Nikuni’s No. 1 vortex pump

The core equipment is the vortex mixing pump, a high-performance mixing pump that can simultaneously perform “suction”, “mixing”, “stirring”, “dissolving”, “pumping”.

This makes it easier for the air to dissolve in the hot water.


By passing the mixed liquid through the dissolution tank and separation tank with a vortex turbine mixing pump, finer and more stable microparticles can be produced.

WIB is a unified device in a single product so it can be easily operated with just one button.