Micro-Nano Bubble Ozone Water Generator
May Ozone

1. Equipment Overview

Low concentration ozone water generator. This is a high purity ozone water generator with a long decomposition time, from high concentration oxygen gas generated by removing nitrogen from the atmosphere, combined with the use of a Micro-nano bubble generator.

2. Device Characteristics

Ozone water generator is the most advanced and popular line of Ozone gas generator today because of: modern design, easy to operate, wide applicability, long working life and high durability. Ozone water generators are used to treat industrial wastewater, treat algae and moss in radiator water towers, disinfect, kill mold, detoxify, deodorize, and clean and disinfect fruits with Ozone. Suitable for use in industry, processing plants, factories, large capacity collective kitchens…

❖ Ozone water generator is composed of the following parts:

1. Machine Shell:

The ozone machine has a shell made from SPCC shell with super durable, clean and beautiful electrostatic powder coating.

2. Machine Body:

The main machine body includes parts: Pump, PSA, Air compressor, Ozone generator (high voltage circuit, discharge pipe), Micro-nano bubble generator, electrical panel.

3. Ozone Water Creation Process:

3.1 The air compressor takes environmental air through a PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) filter. This filter will filter out nitrogen and other gases, retaining oxygen to obtain high purity oxygen.

3.2 After being collected, the high purity oxygen gas stream will pass through the Flow Meter, then continue to be directed into the Ozone generator (Ozonzier).

3.3 At the Ozone generator, O2 molecules split into O3 molecules to form Ozone gas, which is then led into the pump.

3.4 The pump will suck water at the inlet, mix with the gas supplied at the outlet to create water mixed with Ozone gas.

3.5 Water that has been mixed with Ozone gas will continue to go through the Micro-nano bubble device (Micro-nano bubble generator) to form Ozone water in the form of Micro nano bubbles. The final product will be opaque white Ozone water, visible to the naked eye

4. Technical Specifications

Model  WMC-200-03
Dimensions 620mm(688.7mm) x 420mm x 800mm (917 mm) (including protrusion size)
Weight 70kg
Amount of ozone produced  3.0 g/h (O3)
Ozone generating material  93%±2% @0〜3 L/min(O2-PSA)
Ozone gas flow Maximum  3 L/min
Ozone water concentration  1.0~3.0mg/L
The amount of ozone water produced is  11L/min (50Hz)
AC power supply specifications  Single phase 200~220V/ 50Hz-60Hz/ 600W
Operating and installation environment  Temperature below 40℃, RH 80%, Avoid rain, wind, direct sunlight and vibration.
Nozzle size  Outer diameter 21mm x Inner diameter 14mm

5. Bonded Equipment

6. Circuit Diagram

7. Purpose Of Product Use

7.1 Clean air

Scope of application:
● Disinfection and sterilization in factories, public places, schools, and homes.

● Disinfect and kill mold to prevent disease-causing bacteria and infections.

● Disinfection of food processing plants.
● Keep food fresh and preserve it.
● Special deodorization, VOC emission treatment, better effect than photolysis, farm deodorizer, ammonia nitrogen…

7.2 Wastewater treatment

Scope of application:
● In restaurants, canteens, hotels, used to clean and disinfect eating utensils.

● Raw water treatment, tap water treatment, wastewater treatment.
● Aquaculture, Oxidation of organic compounds, soil washing by spraying.

● Solve the difficulty of wastewater treatment, decolorization and COD, printing and dyeing factory treatment wastewater is treated to colorless, swimming pool water treatment, etc.


8. Comparative Advantages When Treating Water:

Currently in the world, pure water, natural water, and underground water have been widely used for disinfection with Ozone. Traditional ultraviolet light disinfection has many harmful effects and is not completely clean. Disinfecting with traditional chlorine leaves residual chlorine, secondary pollution of water. They are gradually being replaced by Ozone disinfection, in the application of using Ozone to filter tap water, the National standard is a solubility of 0.4 mg/L in 4 minutes. That means the CT value is 1.6.

9. Ability To Kill Bacteria

Ozone has strong oxidizing ability and is recognized worldwide as a widely effective disinfectant. Its oxidizing ability is higher than chlorine gas, its disinfection ability is 600 to 3000 times faster than chlorine gas, and with an ozone concentration in water of 0.1 mg/L, it can kill common bacteria. usually like E. coli, staphylococcus bacteria, soybean bacteria, Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, etc. in seconds.

10. Dissolution Time, Ozone Gas Decay

“Ozone gas is easily soluble in water. Ozone gas dissolved in water has a stronger disinfection ability and can reach 300 times that of chlorine gas. Ozone gas is very easily decomposed into oxygen gas.
The decay cycle of Ozone gas in water is about 60 minutes. Ozone gas will eventually decompose into oxygen.
Ozone gas is a safe and non-toxic disinfectant and disinfectant that does not pollute the environment. Ozone, by self-reduction reaction, will quickly turn into oxygen, without worrying about chemical residues, without causing harm to the surrounding living environment.”